Saturday, October 16, 2010

Otherworldly Creativity: Karine Fleurima

So many words come to mind when describing multimedia artist Karine Fleurima: soulful, surreal, transformational, fluid, muse...I could go on. The Haitian-born artist creates a hybrid sound and visual experience: If Gal Costa, Grace Jones, and Bjork had a musical love child, it would be Karine.
Her latest offering is "An AfroFuturistic One Womyn Show" entitled AIN'T NO RESPECT (for the Soulsinger) which has its debut at FiveMyles Gallery in Brooklyn next Saturday. The story goes a little something like this:

After several years of singing on planet Earth and getting no respect, soulsinger Xyana (zhy-ana) decides to leave Earth and explore the solar system for other performance possibilities. After being lost in space for 20 years, she finally lands on an unknown planet in the outer regions of the solar system. Join her as she embarks upon her epic journey to find other beings on this NuPlanet and discover the different realms that force her to confront the realities of her new home and her true nature... Catch Karine Fleurima's AIN'T NO RESPECT (for the Soulsinger) at FiveMyles Gallery, 558 St. John's Place in Brooklyn, New York. Saturday October 23rd at 8pm and Sunday October 24th at 2pm.
For more about Karine and her body of work, check out her website:
http://www.karinefleurima.comPhotography: Carlos Ramirez
Styling: Afua Addo
Makeup: Alsarah Abunama-Elgadi